When a column reaches the opposite end of the board, the opponent’s front line, its commander is promoted to the rank of officer and is turned over to reveal the spot or marked face. A single soldier is likewise promoted. An officer, or a column commanded by an officer, may move either backwards or forwards. The following examples illustrate two points as regards captures:


1. Here a soldier is shown about to reach the back line. However, promotion only comes at the end of a move.


2. The black officer may not therefore go on to capture the white soldier on B4 until the following move, assuming it does not move away as shown here.

Also, a piece may not attack the same piece twice in the course of a single move.


Thus in this position the black officer may only jump over the three-man column once, not three times.

If captured, an officer retains its rank for use if later released. Players may examine columns at any time to check which hidden pieces are officers.